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In memory of Farina

💗💗In memory of Farina💗💗 I met Farina for the first time in Romania almost 6 years ago. She was not young and she was limping and had been in the shelter for many years. We knew she had been shot because they found bullet in her body when she came to ROLDA shelter. She was terrified of humans, especially men. I saw her beauty and because not many want to give an elderly dog a second chance I decided to do just that! Farina started her years in our family with some health problems that required several big surgeries. She also had allergy that we kept under control with injections.  Despite all problem she had she was a dog with a big heart, strong mentality and she was really smart too! It took her 2 years to understand people are nice (could be because all fed her with treats😍)! We had lots of foster dogs in our home and Farina turned out  to be an alpha dog helping them all regardless if they were scared or aggressive.  After 5,5 years in our family she suddenly got health problems because of her age. In May 2021 we needed to let her go. It was a tough but beautiful moment as the veterinary came home and Farina could take her last sleep in her favorite bed with all family around her while she crossed the bridge. When she left she looked at me 😥 and it was like she told me to continue my work helping her friends which still remains in Romania. I miss my best friend, her leadership dealing with other dogs and all the love she gave to me. Help me keep Farina memory alive by making a gift that will matter for animals in need in Romania. This is her last wish: To help others like we helped her 💗💗 "I hold you close within my heart and there you will remain to walk with me throughout my life until we meet again" Lisa, president ROLDA Sweden 💛💙

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